Scientists have deciphered the biblical message: what will end the Third World

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The threat of the Third World War is quite real, according to many analysts and politicians.

This is written by Russian media. Publications publish various predictions and predictions about a possible large-scale war.

So, in the media there was information about the prophecy of the famous old man Jonah, who at one time predicted the conflict in the Donbass.

The elder foreshadowed the beginning of the Third World War. The conflict about which Jonah spoke, will burst in 2030.

He noted that after the Second World War, the world would not last long on the planet. Earthlings again wallow in blood.

The cause of the Third World War will be the division of natural resources between countries.

Countries will not be able to agree among themselves, which will lead to large-scale military actions.

The Third World War, as the elder assured, will be the bloodiest and longest. Humanity will face hunger and devastation.

A number of countries will disappear from the face of the planet. Millions will die in the war. After a terrible bloodshed for another decade, the population of the Earth will not be able to return to the previous level of life.

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