Shazam has released a long-awaited update.

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The popular mobile application Shazam has acquired a new function: the recognition of the song in the headphones.

Users have been waiting for such an update for a long time and, finally, have waited.

Recall, the Shazam application is created to identify an unknown song. For example, you heard an unfamiliar song on the radio or in a shopping center, you liked it very much, but you do not know the artist and the name. Just run the application, for a few seconds it “listens”, and then gives the name of the song.

Now, thanks to the update, the application is able to intercept the audio stream of other applications.

A new feature called Pop-up Shazam. At the moment it is available only on Android.

Perhaps soon the update will be available for iOS.

In order to activate Pop-up Shazam, you need to touch the pop-up notification at the top of the display, after this command the program will do everything itself.

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