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Slimming protein table

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Protein is one of the main foods for weight loss and just proper nutrition

    Protein is one of the main substances in the human body, which wants to lose weight.
    Our body needs products containing protein, because it is responsible for recovery, building new cells, muscles, bones, and promotes the absorption of vitamins
    and minerals.
    That is why you should always have at hand slimming protein table

    Protein with proper nutrition

    The need for protein during weight loss is on average 1 to 2 grams per 1 kilogram of weight, depending on physical activity. A deficiency in this element leads to immune problems, loss of muscle mass, sagging skin, brittle nails and hair.

    Proteins are of animal as well as vegetable origin. Most of the protein is found in food of animal origin: lean meat, chicken, dairy products, eggs, fish. They are digested by the body much faster.

    Slimming Protein Table: Animal Proteins

    Legumes, nuts, cereals, some types of vegetables, these are foods that contain vegetable protein. Absorption takes longer, which helps keep you feeling fuller longer, and fiber improves digestion to help you lose weight.

    Slimming protein table

    The table below summarizes foods you can include in a healthy diet

    slimming protein table
    Product Protein per 100g.
    Chicken breast 31
    Turkey fillet 25
    Lean beef 23
    Tuna 29
    Mackerel 24
    Salmon 20
    Shrimp nineteen
    Cod 18
    Cottage cheese 18
    Cheese 25
    Eggs 12
    Peanut 26
    Almond 21
    Cashew 18
    Lentils 24
    Chickpea nineteen
    Beans sixteen
    Quinoa fourteen
    Buckwheat 13
    Spinach 6
    Champignons five
    Green pea five
    Brussels sprouts 4

    The importance of protein for weight loss

    It is important to remember that when losing weight and playing sports, you cannot do without additional protein intake.

    Fatty meat is not suitable for weight loss

    Foods rich in protein satisfy hunger for a long time and, unlike carbohydrates, are not processed into fats, but are used to restore muscles.
    If you are engaged not only in aerobic exercise, but also in strength, your muscles require more protein for recovery.

    Remember that consuming too much protein can damage your health. For example, increase cholesterol, which will lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

    Do not forget that everything needs a measure. When losing weight, it is important to eat a balanced diet with the correct ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

    And our protein recipes will help diversify your diet while losing weight.


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