Swan killed the dog in front of the owner

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In Ireland, a swan attacked a dog and killed it with its wings.

The incident occurred in Ireland in the city of Dublin. A local resident went for a walk in the park with his dog Cocker Spaniel.

During the walk the dog ran into the pond to swim. The appearance of the dog on its territory did not like the swan. The bird grabbed the dog's wings and began to beat.

For several minutes the owner was trying to divert the swan's attention from the dog. He even threw his phone into the pond so that the bird would leave the dog alone.

Later, passersby came to the rescue. Despite his best efforts, the swan's wings beat the dog to death. Dog got out of the water rescuers.

The rescue service said that the dog should always be kept on a leash. Even if the animal has run away from the owner for a long distance, the leash will give a chance to bring the pet closer to him.

Photo: Pixabay

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