Telegram features delayed sending messages and hiding a phone number

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The new Telegram 5.11 update has a function for assigning a date and time for automatically sending messages, according to the messenger's blog information.

In order to take advantage of this innovation, you need to hold the button for sending a message (when you right-click in the desktop version) and select "Send later."

In addition, users of cross-platform messenger will be able to configure “reminders” for saved messages: tasks, events, meetings, and much more.

The user will receive a note with a calendar image.

And for design lovers, in update 5.11 there is an opportunity to customize the interface to your liking and create themes that you can later send to others.

To the most emotional and emoji lovers, the developers presented them in an animated form.

In addition, the privacy settings have been improved in version 5.11: the function of restricting the circle of people who can find you in Telegram when adding to contacts with a phone number.

When you select "Nobody" in the item "Who sees my phone number", an additional setting "Who can find me by number" will pop up.

It is at this point that you can hide the number from everyone except your contacts.

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