The astrophysicist called the girl his profession, but she did not understand. And answered so that the brain breaks

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In social networks, they are now vigorously discussing the new release of the Australian reality show "Bachelor".

Many viewers were impressed by the dialogue of the hero of the program Matt Agnew and the participant named Abby.

In the first minutes of dating, the guy said who he works with, to which the girl gave a very illogical answer. Matt admitted that he is an astrophysicist by profession. Apparently, Abby had no idea about this craft, so she replied: "I am Gemini."

The main character was confused, but did not lose his head and replied: "And I am a lion." At the end of the video, Abby spoke about her emotions. She admitted that all her expectations were met.

Users of social networks suggest that the girl confused the profession of astrophysics with the work of an astrologer. Others believe that she took the word "astrophysicist" for the sign of the zodiac.

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