The bride wrote instructions for guests at the wedding and was ridiculed.

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The bride from the United States wrote a scrupulous instruction, which made guests laugh.

The photograph of the instruction appeared on social networks and became the subject of heated discussions. Users laugh many wishes of the bride.

For example, the girl wrote that she expects only those guests who announce their presence in advance.

Otherwise, unexpected guests will be asked to leave the celebration – wrote the bride.

She also indicated who will not come to the wedding, will be able to watch videos from the event on Facebook "at any convenient time."

Then the bride explained that she would be dressed in a pink dress. Therefore, wedding guests in clothes of this color is forbidden to appear. The bride also asked guests not to come to the wedding hungry.

This is a small reception, so a little food. Please eat something before you arrive, – it is written in the instructions.

Some users ridiculed the bride. Others noted that "the poor thing is under stress."

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