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The businessman doused with gasoline and set fire to the official who wanted to demolish his shop

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The incident occurred in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses who witnessed a businessman pouring petrol and setting fire to the deputy head of the district administration who wanted to demolish his new two-storey shop and shop.

The deputy hokim of the Yakkabag district of the Kashkadarya region (Uzbekistan) on construction issues came to an entrepreneur accompanied by twenty employees of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The deputy head himself went up to the bulldozer and sent it to the store of the entrepreneur who was working at that time.

At the same time, the entrepreneur begged not to demolish his shop, since he had not yet been paid monetary compensation for him.

But, seeing that the official was about to destroy the building, he poured gasoline over it and set it on fire. Surrounding able to save the official.

A man with injuries was urgently hospitalized. Law enforcement officers arrested a businessman and his family as part of the investigation into the incident, and they were taken to the local police station.

At the same time, eyewitnesses told law enforcement officers that for several months the official had tormented the residents of the district. He evicted them from houses and demolished buildings.

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