The child almost lost sight because of herpes simplex

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In Britain, the boy almost lost his sight because of the herpes simplex virus.

According to the British edition of the Daily Star, the incident occurred in the English city of Prestwich.

A 22-year-old woman noticed that her child was not feeling well. The boy complained of fatigue. In addition, a rash appeared on his face. The woman decided to consult a doctor.

Doctors found out that the boy was infected with the herpes virus. Most likely, the infection occurred through a kiss.

And the disease developed rapidly. Doctors warned the woman that if herpes spreads to the eyes, the child may lose sight.

At that time, the woman was pregnant. Doctors also feared for the health of the newborn baby, because herpes could be transmitted to him through the mother.

Fortunately, the boy was cured. The woman spent the entire pregnancy under the supervision of doctors and gave birth to a healthy boy.

She noted that she had no idea that herpes simplex could be so dangerous.

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