The faithful dog died 15 minutes after the death of the owner

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In Scotland, the dog died 15 minutes after the death of its owner.

The 25-year-old Stuart Hutchison for 8 years struggled with oncology. The Daily Mirror informs about the incident.

The young bangs underwent chemotherapy courses, and was also able to survive several operations. During a vacation with his wife, who was in May, he began to feel worse.

The man's arm hurt, and after several scans, the doctors said that the disease had spread to his bones. As soon as the man found out about this, he decided to spend the last days with his family in the house in which he was born.

On the last day of a man’s life, his wife broke glasses. His father decided to help the couple and drove into their house for a spare pair. He noticed that one of the couple’s dogs, nicknamed Nero, was not feeling well. The man immediately took her to the doctor. Doctors have discovered a spinal injury in an animal. He could not help with anything. The dog is dead.

Later it became known that the death of the dog came 15 minutes after the man died.

According to the wife of the young man, he had three dogs, but it was Nero who was the favorite. The dog did not leave him a single step.

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