The girl discovered she had cancer with two glasses of wine

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Alcohol saved the girl's life, because it helped to diagnose a dangerous disease at an early stage.

An unusual case is fixed in Britain. A young local resident with the help of alcohol found oncology.

During the family dinner, the girl drank only two glasses of red wine. After that, she felt a sharp pain in the neck. After thinking for a cold, she did not attach importance to what had happened.

But a few days later the situation repeated itself. The student was surprised that it is because of the alcohol she begins terrible pain. This prompted to consult a doctor.

Diagnosis showed that the patient had a tumor in the right lung. The tumor was malignant. Doctors explained that alcohol led to an increase in lymph nodes, which was expressed in pain.

Fortunately, the British managed to defeat the disease. She has a long course of treatment to prevent the situation from happening again.

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