The guy decided to pick up a dog from the street, but she ran away from him. The reason for this escape was pretty sweet

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The guy picked up a dog that was lying on the side of the road, but the pet ran away from him.

A guy from Thailand, whose name is Panitan, was driving a car to his home when he saw a black dog. She was lying on the side of the road.

Of course, the young man could not pass by. He took the dog with him. The guy was convinced that the puppy was street, but later he began to doubt it.

The fact is that the dog was not at all afraid of cars. She calmly moved the road to a new home. Then he decided that the owners could look for him and asked his friends to help him hang out the ads. However, the search for results did not yield. Then the guy decided to keep the dog.

The guy spent almost all his free time with the dog, but a week after Panitan brought a new friend home, he disappeared. He posted the dog’s missing sign.

After a while, they sent him a photo with the missing dog. He lay in the same place where the guy found him. By the way, it is 20 km away. from the house of Panitan.

It is reported by World of Buzz. It is assumed that the dog came to the place where the previous owner left it, hoping that he would return. But that did not happen. But the dog came Panitan, who again took the pet with him.

Now the pet is happy. He was probably glad that he had found a new family that really loved him.

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Photo: World of Buzz

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