The man took a shower in the lenses and was almost left without eyes.

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In England, a man forgot to remove his lenses before taking a shower, and lost sight on one eye.

The incident occurred with a 29-year-old Briton named Nick Humphreys. The man took a shower in his lenses and felt that the vision in his right eye had deteriorated.

The doctors examined the man and concluded that a dangerous parasite had settled in his eye – an amoeba of the species Acanthamoeba. This bacterium is characterized in that it enters the eye through a scratch on the lenses when it comes into contact with water.

The man is blind in one eye and has already undergone several dangerous operations. Now the Briton continues to use special eye drops and hopes that one day his vision will return to him. He also expects a corneal transplant operation, which the infection has destroyed.

The Briton told the doctors that he did not know that wearing lenses in the shower can be dangerous. Nobody ever told him about this.

Photo: Nick Humphreys

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