The policeman plumped up to 350 kilograms, lost his job and lost three times

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In the UK, a former policeman, whose weight was 350 kilograms, was able to lose three times in just a year.

Stuart Prosser from the age of 17 worked in the police. Wales Online informs about the incident.

Athletic physique turned into 350 kilograms of fat. According to the man, it was difficult for him to move around. Therefore, he began to sit at the table more time.

Soon, the British realized that he could no longer work. He had to quit in 2014.

In 2017, a former policeman was hospitalized. He had stomach ulcers.

The help of 12 people was needed to bring him to the ambulance. During treatment, he threw off 120 kilograms. However, after he arrived home, the man returned to his previous weight.

Soon, he still decided to pull himself together and began to engage in sports, monitor nutrition. In just a year, his weight decreased to 111 kg.

Photo: Wales Online

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