The wife descended into the crater of the volcano and saved her husband who fell there.

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In the Caribbean, a young girl climbed into the crater of a volcano to save her husband who fell there.

The incident happened to a young American couple during a honeymoon in the Caribbean. A man named Clay Chastain, together with his wife Akeymi, independently decided to climb a volcano to view the neighboring islands from a great height.

During the ascent, the rope on which the man was held broke. The American fell into the crater from a height of 15 meters. As a result of the fall, he broke the skull and rib. He survived, but could hardly move.

Fortunately, he was lucky – he did not fall into the crater of the crater. The tragedy was avoided due to the dense vegetation covering the volcano.

The man was lucky that day twice. His wife was very brave. The girl was not afraid to go down to the crater to save her husband. Together they got out of the crater and called rescuers.

Photo: Pixabay

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