The woman due to the mistakes of the doctors gave birth to other children

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The American gave birth to twins from the biological material of an unfamiliar couple as a result of medical error.

A married couple of Asian origin for a long time tried to have a child, but naturally this did not work. Then the young couple turned to the doctors to carry out the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

On consultation, medical services, drugs and trips to the clinic, the couple spent more than 100 thousand dollars.

From the second attempt, the woman became pregnant and successfully carried out two boys. In March 2019, a woman gave birth to babies with a caesarean section.

However, when the babies were born, the young parents were shocked – the children were not at all like Asians. A careful check revealed that doctors confused the biological material and placed the embryos of other couples with the woman. In addition, both boys were genetically unrelated.

The couple was forced to give their children to biological parents and go to court. The woman was also forced to seek psychological help, since the incident caused her serious psychological trauma.

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