The woman took a deadly cancer for pregnancy

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A resident of the UK told how she took a dangerous cancer for pregnancy.

27-year-old Sam Broadbent first felt discomfort in 2017. Her story is told by Leicestershire Live.

According to the woman, she had a feeling that he was pregnant. However, she could not believe that this was possible, because the British had a contraceptive implant.

Doctors discovered a tumor in her. It was decided to send the British for a biopsy.

Surveys have shown that Broadbent suffers from cervical cancer. British sent for surgery to remove tumors. He was also prescribed a course of treatment.

After the end of treatment, the woman was informed that she was healthy.

In just a few months, she found three more tumors: one of them was in the intestine, and the other two were in the pelvis.

One of the tumors was inoperable. Now the British husband is collecting money for treatment.

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