Thousands of people sent postcards to a sick boy and restored his love of life

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A boy from the UK received more than 3 thousand postcards from strangers.

13-year-old Rhys Williams is sick with bullous epidermolysis. This disease is congenital. It makes the skin very fragile.

Even minor influences lead to the formation of bubbles and erosion. In order to avoid damage, the boy's body has to be bandaged.

The Mirror informs about the incident. The blisters that appear must be carefully treated. Otherwise, non-healing wounds will appear in this place.

At some point, the Briton was so tired of the fact that he had to constantly go bandaged, that he began to think about suicide. He also told his mother that he was tired of living like that.

The woman tried to convince her son. Then she asked Facebook users to send him birthday cards. The boy was 14 years old.

In just a few days, the Briton received more than three thousand postcards and gifts that were sent from around the world.

According to Rhys's mother, he is very happy. The local football team invited the boy to become their mascot, which he agreed to.

Photo: Facebook

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