Turkish officials explained why doctors cut organs from a 16-year-old Russian woman

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The Ministry of Health of Turkey told why it was decided to remove organs from the body of a 16-year-old Russian citizen who died in the country.

Recall, a native of the Krasnoyarsk Territory died in a Turkish hospital. According to the authorities, the doctors of Antalya did everything necessary, but they could not save their lives.

The uterus and ovaries were removed from the lifeless body of a young girl, however, according to the Ministry of Health, this is necessary for a subsequent forensic examination.

The fact is that doctors recorded too much water in the abdomen of the deceased.

Turkish authorities emphasize that they cannot even talk about organ theft. Seized organs will be stored in accordance with local law.

According to preliminary information, the body of a young Russian woman has already been brought home to Krasnoyarsk.

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