Two victims of an explosion near Severodvinsk died from acute radiation sickness

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German magazine Der Spiegel after the August 8 explosion at a training ground in the Arkhangelsk region talked about the incident with one of the doctors of the regional hospital.

This is reported by a number of Russian media.

Sources write that according to the story of the hospital’s doctor, two of the victims who entered the medical facility did not die from injuries, but from radiation.

Three men about 30 years old or younger were brought to the hospital by the ambulance air service.

One victim had a fracture of the spine, the other had a pelvic fracture. The injuries, the specialist assures, were "severe, but not life threatening."

The interlocutor also told the German publication that on the head of one of the patients “beta radiation of 25 thousand microroentgen per hour was recorded”.

It was assumed that after the operations, patients will be sent to Moscow. However, two of the three victims died on the way to the airport.

According to the interlocutor, the cause of death was the impact of radiation, but no injuries.

The Network also received a medical report on one of the deceased. The document says that the deceased had 25 thousand leukocytes per micrometer with an upper border of 10 thousand.

German Der Spiegel noted that "this is a huge number, both died of acute radiation sickness."

Recall that as a result of the explosion at a military training ground in the Arkhangelsk region, five people were killed.

All the dead were employees of Rosatom. Also, three employees received injuries and burns of varying severity.

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Representatives of "Rosatom" at that time reported that the disaster occurred during work that was connected "with the technical support of isotopic power sources."

In the United States, commenting on what happened in Russia, they said that the explosion at a marine missile range in the Arkhangelsk region on August 8 was probably due to another unsuccessful test of the latest Russian attack systems.

Presumably, the prototype of the latest Russian missile 9M730 "Petrel" was tested.

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