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Ukrainian old man called the start date of the Third World War: entire countries will disappear

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Ukrainian elder Jonah predicted the beginning of the Third World War in 2030.

According to the prediction of the famous old man, peace will not last long on Earth – just after 10 years, a destructive large-scale war will begin.

According to the predictor, the cause of the war will be a conflict related to the division of natural resources. Countries will not be able to find a compromise on this issue. As a result, hostilities will begin throughout the world.

According to the prediction of the elder Jonah, the Third World War will be the bloodiest war, millions will be killed, some countries will simply disappear from the face of the Earth.

In addition, after the war, mankind will not be able to recover for decades to the previous level of life. The public took the words of the elder seriously, because several years ago he had accurately predicted the sequence of military operations in Ukraine.

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