Wedding guests secretly fed garbage

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In the UK, a young couple fed wedding guests who did not suspect anything with food waste.

Guests who arrived at the wedding were served dishes that consisted of the remains of restaurant dishes. The menu included crucian carp and perch, beef, pork ribs, chicken.

Of course, there were gluten-free and vegan dishes for those who care about their health. This is reported by Daily Mirror.

The origin of the ingredients the bride and groom kept secret. Only at the end of the event did they say that the food was prepared from waste.

Of course, such a statement shocked many guests. However, for some, this did not become something terrible. They even asked for supplements.

According to Kayleigh and Joe, they are convinced of the need to reduce the amount of garbage through the recycling and reuse of products. Moreover, such a banquet turned out to be cheaper.

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