Xiaomi announces the launch of Mi Charge Turbo

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Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo, as always, keeps pace with the times. Often you need to “feed” the phone very quickly, and this is very difficult!

Xiaomi believes that 30 watts is not the limit of high technology and has already decided to “test” the version of 40 watts.

The debut will take place at the presentation of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 10.

At the moment, the Chinese "giant" has already presented a 30-watt wireless Mi Charge Turbo.

Smartphones that support modern technology can already take advantage of this invention.

And other devices will not be an exception and will not become confused in the wires.

At the show, a time of twenty-five minutes was sounded to charge up to 50 percent of the phone, which has a 4000 mAh battery.

But up to 100 will have to wait another 34 minutes. By the way, iPhone smartphones have not yet learned.

But at the end of the press conference, Xiaomi said that 30 watts is not the limit.

Over the past 3 years, over $ 1.5 billion has been invested in the Xiaomi department, which is engaged in development and research.

It is this department that has already launched internal tests of the new Mi Charge Turbo 40W technology.

Most likely, the Xiaomi Mi 9s 5G and Xiaomi Mi Mix will be “attached” with a wireless charging of Mi Charge Turbo 30 W, but Xiaomi Mi 10 will delight you with a 40-watt one.

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