Xiaomi called the average salary of an employee of the company: eyes on the forehead climb

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The Chinese company Xiaomi has published a financial report for the first quarter of 2019.

The report along with other figures gave information on the number of employees and their average salary.

The published data impressed many experts.

It is noted that even at Apple, not every employee earns the same. So, it is reported that at the end of March 2019, the company employs 16,473 people on a permanent basis.

Employees work not only in China, but also in India and Indonesia. At the same time almost half of the staff engaged in research and development activities.

Payments to Xiaomi employees in the first quarter were 100 million yuan more than in the last quarter of last year.

On average, one company employee earns about $ 6,000 a month. After all payments on hands it turns out about 5 thousand dollars.

Photo: Xiaomi

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