Xiaomi has developed a touch screen toothbrush.

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Xiaomi company never ceases to amaze users around the world with inventions for everyday life.

So, the latest novelty is a toothbrush with a touchscreen display. The developers claim that their invention will make the process of brushing your teeth, especially in children, fun and high-quality.

Representatives of the company Xiaomi said that the invented toothbrush is essentially an analogue of a fitness bracelet.

Like all the company's “home” devices, the brush can be synchronized with the smartphone and remind the owner about the procedure.

This amazing properties do not end there. The program can evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning. This feature is very useful for children, it will help them to properly use the brush, as well as entertain them during the process.

In addition, the child can choose the design of the brush himself by uploading photos of his favorite characters to the display.

Officially, the brush is not presented yet, respectively, and the price of the device is unknown.

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